About us

In 2014 we purchased a 5kg Probat Roaster, took a lease in an industrial estate and started to learn the craft of roasting.  We were roasting around 150kgs a week to supply our two cafes. 

After a year or so we opened up a takeaway espresso and beans bench at the roastery.

From then to now has been purely organic, we are humbled to be supplying beans to a family of damn good people who have damn good café offerings. 

Many people now come to the roastery each day to get a brew, beans for their homes and connect with us and the other like minded folk that frequent this place.

Now we run three Probat roasters and have a group of special and talented people rolling around the roastery. 

We have always stuck to our core values…. The focus is on quality product, produced by hand and passed through with super good service.   

We care, we are kind, we are never complacent and we love good coffee.